Remy Tremblay Shows Sculpts For Sedition Wars & Dust

January 20, 2014 by brennon

Remy Tremblay, who does a lot of sculpting for various companies in the industry showed off a whole bunch of miniatures he’s been working on over the weekend. The miniatures are for both Dust and Sedition Wars

DUST Soldier

First up we have this awesome looking suave hero for the world of Dust. He stands at 35mm if I’ve got my French right and should be for the role-playing game that is coming out from Modiphius. He is quite the awesome hero.


Reaver Trooper


Morgan Vade

Mech Suit

This has been followed by a selection of models that were part of the stretch goal reward for Sedition Wars. I’m a big fan of Vokker and Morgan although that epic Mech-Suit is quite the bad ass way to deal with those deadly enemies.

Remy does some awesome work and it’s glad to see what’s been on his workbench.

EDIT: Some of these are actually already out (my mistake!) and you can get them on the Sedition Wars part of Studio McVey’s store and Operation Achilles for DUST – BoW Ben

Which do you like best?