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Sergeant BlackArt Bring Out Their Barbarian & Orc Chieftain!

857 days ago 5

Sergeant BlackArt show off some of their ‘new’ miniatures that are back in very, very, very limited quantities. It’s such a shame because they look awesome!

Sergeant BlackArt Go Flying With DUST’s Amazing Red Ace

1076 days ago 12

What do you get when you mix both Sergeant BlackArt and their amazing looking sculpts with DUST and their brilliant world? The awesome Red Ace of course!

The Deadly Kaheron Stalks Out Of Sergeant BlackArt

1105 days ago 0

See what you make of this awesome 54mm miniature by Sergeant BlackArt. Kaheron is towering over his foes ready to strike them down with his awesomely wicked looking sword.

The Butcher of BlackArt Sees His Release

1136 days ago 3

Sergeant BlackArt have just released a new 75mm sculpt which is sure to give you nightmares. Behold their brutal Butcher!

Sergeant BlackArt Go Questing With Barbarian Dude 2.0

1170 days ago 3

What do you make of this masterful Barbarian Dude that’s ready to slay thanks to Sergeant BlackArt?

Fight With Faith & Sergeant BlackArt’s Cleric

1354 days ago 2

Dive in and see what you think of Sergeant BlackArt’s latest addition to your 54mm collection.