Command the Scaly Hordes of ShadowSea!

November 12, 2012 by dracs

Antimatter have just unveiled the sculpt for the commander of the Scaly Hordes in ShadowSea. Check this lizard guy out atop his mighty… fish?

Scaly Hordes Commander

Known as Cthan the Ravenous, this miniature is the perfect centre piece, not only for you army, but for your entire collection. The sculpt is excellent, with a great level of detail and really dynamic and alive posture (and as you will know if you watched the Guild Hang Out Warren took part in, posture is all important).

If you want to get your scaly mits on more ShadowSea goodies be sure to pledge your support to the Kickstarter project, where you can now also get hold of some of the great Deep Wars minis.