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Exploring Scenarios In Sharp Practice – Part Two: The American Revolution


Elessar2590 takes us through a scenario from The American Revolution building on the versatility of the Sharp Practice rules!

Let's Play: Sharp Practice

Let’s Play: Sharp Practice


Richard from Too Fat Lardies gives Justin an
introductory game of Sharp Practice.

What Is Sharp Practice? Introduction with Rich from Too Fat Lardies

What Is Sharp Practice? Introduction With Rich From Too Fat Lardies

Sharp Practice American Civil War

Exploring Scenarios In Sharp Practice – Part One: The American Civil War


Dylan “@Elessar2590″ Asmus kicks off a new series of articles focusing on Sharp Practice

VLOG: Wolsung Boot Camp Builds & Hobby Night Live Prep!


Get a quick run down of everything that has been going on this week in the BoW Studios.

New Sharp Practice Available Now From Too Fat Lardies


Sharp Practice is now available in a range of new bundles from Too Fat Lardies. If you’re looking for a good Napoleonic skirmish game during the era of black powder then this one might be worth a look.