The Creepy Czernobog Is Summoned To Shattered Earth

September 10, 2015 by brennon

Massive Awesome have shown off one of the 3D prints that has come together for their game, Shattered Earth, which is a twist on the tried and tested post-apocalyptic setting. See what you think of Czernobog…

Czernobog 3D Print

It’s a great sculpt and I think that they’ve managed to pull off the eerie look of its wings and spindly body very well, the whole thing standing at 60mm tall. You can see what has been carried over from the artwork below.

Czernobog (Concept Art)

The whole of the world has a feeling of Sci-Fi clashed with Fantasy and creatures like this add to the horror aspect of the game too. It’s good to see that the final miniature design had more work going on with the wings, giving them more folds and such.

I’m most impressed with those long claws it has. They look deadly in the miniature which is just what you want from a creature like this.

What do you think of their progress?

"I'm most impressed with those long claws it has..."

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