White Dragon Revealed Superb Shattered Void Board At Salute

April 30, 2015 by brennon

White Dragon Miniatures were at Salute this year and showed off some of their amazing 15mm range but one of the big draws was there brilliant looking Sci-Fi space table for Shattered Void…

Shattered Void (Board)

Shattered Void (Ships & Wrecks)

The ships are looking amazing, even in their wrecked forms, and it will be superb to see how this all comes to life over the coming months. It’s been a long time coming but with Shattered Void and Hawk Wargames’ ‘Spaceship Game’ on the horizon I think we’re going to have a wonderful year or two of great ship-based wargames…

Did you see White Dragon at Salute?

"With Shattered Void and Hawk Wargames' 'Spaceship Game' on the horizon I think we're going to have a wonderful year..."

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