White Dragon Tease A 15mm Sci-Fi Kickstarter This Year!

September 8, 2014 by brennon

White Dragon Miniatures are going to be hitting Kickstarter this winter with a campaign to fund a range of 15mm sculpts based on the Earth Exploration Fleet and the Marine Tactical Unit that’s part of their Shattered Void universe!

Earth Exploration Fleet Marine Teaser

As explained on their Facebook page the aim is to run a small Kickstarter towards the end of this year that helps fund the production of his Marine Tactical Unit in 15mm (as well as a few more pieces I imagine) that will be based in the Shattered Void universe but not directly related to the game itself.

Hekatte & Draconus Heavy Fighters

Print & Play is also one of the things White Dragon are looking at doing when it comes to trying the game Shattered Void. With that in mind here are the previews for both the Hekatte & Draconus Heavy Fighters that you’ll be able to try out. There is pre-kickstarter information coming very soon!

What do you think of White Dragon’s world?