White Dragon’s Shattered Void Kickstarter Launches!

July 2, 2016 by brennon

White Dragon Miniatures are now on Kickstarter with the launch of their Sci-Fi dogfighting game called Shattered Void. We’ve been waiting for a while for this one and would love to get our hands on it to play!

Shattered Void

This game doesn’t see you playing as the massive capital ships roving into view in the atmosphere or deep in space but instead the fighter pilots from the various factions hunting each other down in dangerous dogfights where when you lose – you die.

The Game

You can see the gameplay video for Shattered Void up above but the basis of it is that you will be battling with between five and fifteen vessels per side. Print & Play packs are available to give this a go and you can also download the rules for free too!

Shattered Void Art

Based over a number of phases you will plan out the different manoeuvres that your ships will attempt before moving onto the Activation Phase where you will start blasting your enemies. You can find out more in the video above going into detail about the different mechanics.

The Pledges

You have some neat choices when it comes to pledging for this game. The sets get you either one of the Squadrons for the EEF or the Vitruvians…

Pilot Officer Pledge

…or both of them together, which would be great for two players starting out, alongside the rules and all the bits and pieces you need to get started in the game.

Flight Lieutenant Pledge

There are also additional Add-On options which allow you to grow your existing Squadron by adding in new ships. Maybe you’ll want to snap up additional components instead?

The Ships

Of course the big draw of this game are the exquisite ships made of resin and we’re going to be taking a closer look at these fighters here. First up, the ships of the EEF which include the Altair Combat Fighter, Draconus Heavy Fighter and the Amarok Interceptor.

Altair Combat Fighter

Draconus Heavy Fighter

Amarok Interceptor

So how do they fight?

“EEF military doctrine and weaponry had its roots in the military-industrial complexes of the 21st century. Typically EEF spacecraft were armed with projectile weaponry and missiles similar to those that fought in the wars on Earth, but re-purposed for space combat.

The EEF combat wings are a force to be reckoned with, relying on kinetic and thermal offensive capabilities to neutralise their enemies. However, EEF naval strength relied upon their ability to coordinate their actions, as spacecraft were grouped into squadrons, allowing them to attack their enemies simultaneously before they had a chance to react.”

The Vitruvians on the other hand have some very different looking ships like the Dubuk Combat Fighter, the Hekatte Heavy Fighter and the Naris Interceptor

Vitruvian Dubuk Figther

Vitruvian Hekatte Heavy Fighter

Vitruvian Haris Interceptor

“Much of the Vitruvian technological tree is based around their ability to manipulate the quantum world. This supplied their needs for an energy source, which in turn became ubiquitous among their military weaponry.

They could also use their esoteric knowledge to allow their individual fighting units to make short ‘leaps’ or ‘shifts’ throughout the battle space, allowing them to essentially bypass areas of heavy enemy resistance and attack from another direction.

Here they would bring to bear their curios quantum-rail weaponry which would produce a beam of light upon which multiple ‘darts’ would travel to their target and, once they made contact, render it down into its constituent components in a violent release of energy.”

You can find out lots more concerning both factions and the way they fight over on the Kickstarter page so go and give it and look and consider pledging!

What do you think to this campaign?

"Print & Play packs are available to give this a go and you can also download the rules for free too!"