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Weekender: Age Of Sigmar Campaign Impressions & A Lifetime Wet Palette?

Weekender: Age Of Sigmar Campaign Impressions & A Lifetime Wet Palette?


Ben gets a first hands impression of the Season of War: Firestorm Campaign from Age of Sigmar and would you travel with a Wet Palette?

Shieldwolf Miniatures Hints At Upcoming Kickstarter


Shieldwolf Miniatures previews one of their characters for their upcoming Kickstarter.

Shieldwolf Miniatures Teaser Hints At A Wild Warrior


Shieldwolf Miniatures this morning dropped a little teaser onto their Facebook Page showing off quite the wild looking warrior.

Shieldwolf’s Forest Goblin Kickstarter Ends Today


Shieldwolf Miniatures are closing in on the final few hours of their Forest Goblin Kickstarter which looks to bring a new range of plastic models to their Fantasy world.

Shieldwolf Mount Up On A Mighty Icecrusher Bear


Shieldwolf Miniatures might be in the middle of their Forest Goblin Kickstarter but they’re still working away on the models for their Shieldmaiden army made possible during their last fundraiser.

Shieldwolf’s Forest Goblins March To War On Kickstarter


Shieldwolf Miniatures are bringing a new plastic kit to life through Kickstarter for their Fantasy world. The latest horde to gather together for tabletop battling are the Forest Goblins!

Shieldwolf’s Forest Goblins Swarm To Kickstarter This September


Shieldwolf Miniatures have announced that they will be returning to Kickstarter this September to help fund their new multi-part hard plastic Forest Goblin army.

Meet The Commanding Shieldlord By Shieldwolf Miniatures


Shieldwolf Miniatures have now previewed another of their Shieldmaiden miniatures, the Shieldlord. Well…that’s a lot of ‘shields’ in one sentence.

The Ice Warbears Come Out Of Hibernation From Shieldwolf


The sculptors at Shieldwolf have now finished the mighty Ice Warbears that will be part of their Northern army packed with Shieldmaidens.

The Ninth Age Rules Now Available To All For Download


The Ninth Age have been a massive community undertaking over the past few months but it is now ready to appear on the tabletop. Your favourite Fantasy armies have been summoned to battle…