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Shieldwolf’s Forest Goblin Kickstarter Ends Today

118 days ago 2

Shieldwolf Miniatures are closing in on the final few hours of their Forest Goblin Kickstarter which looks to bring a new range of plastic models to their Fantasy world.

Shieldwolf Mount Up On A Mighty Icecrusher Bear

125 days ago 5

Shieldwolf Miniatures might be in the middle of their Forest Goblin Kickstarter but they’re still working away on the models for their Shieldmaiden army made possible during their last fundraiser.

Shieldwolf’s Forest Goblins March To War On Kickstarter

127 days ago 5

Shieldwolf Miniatures are bringing a new plastic kit to life through Kickstarter for their Fantasy world. The latest horde to gather together for tabletop battling are the Forest Goblins!

Shieldwolf’s Forest Goblins Swarm To Kickstarter This September

165 days ago 13

Shieldwolf Miniatures have announced that they will be returning to Kickstarter this September to help fund their new multi-part hard plastic Forest Goblin army.

Meet The Commanding Shieldlord By Shieldwolf Miniatures

175 days ago 6

Shieldwolf Miniatures have now previewed another of their Shieldmaiden miniatures, the Shieldlord. Well…that’s a lot of ‘shields’ in one sentence.

The Ice Warbears Come Out Of Hibernation From Shieldwolf

209 days ago 8

The sculptors at Shieldwolf have now finished the mighty Ice Warbears that will be part of their Northern army packed with Shieldmaidens.

The Ninth Age Rules Now Available To All For Download

268 days ago 19

The Ninth Age have been a massive community undertaking over the past few months but it is now ready to appear on the tabletop. Your favourite Fantasy armies have been summoned to battle…

Weekender: Exploring Age Of Tyrants

Weekender: Exploring Age Of Tyrants

374 days ago 199

The Roar Of Bear Cavalry Sounds From Shieldwolf’s Shieldmaidens

397 days ago 4

If you’re interested in the upcoming Shieldmaiden Kickstarter from Shieldwolf Miniatures next year then see what you think of the concept art for their Bear Cavalry that was previewed this week…

The Shieldwolf Northern Alliance Calls On Druids & Necromancers

415 days ago 5

Shieldwolf Miniatures continue to add to their Fantasy model range with new characters for the Northern Alliance. Both of these Maidens have schooled themselves in different types of magic with one of them drawing on nature and the other drawing on the power of death.

Shieldwolf Tweak Their Shieldmaiden Designs

421 days ago 7

The Shieldwolf Miniatures team have shared some more images of their upcoming Shieldmaidens which are going to be coming to Kickstarter soon.

Three New Goblin Heroes Fight Their Way Onto The Battlefield With Shieldwolf

441 days ago 6

Shieldwolf have now released three new Goblin Heroes which you can use to lead your hordes of greenskins into battle. The different flavours of heroes come with Two Weapons, a Great Weapon and then a Shaman too…

Shieldmaidens & Orcs Coming To Shieldwolf Soon

459 days ago 7

Coming to Kickstarter in November Shieldwolf Miniatures are going to be working on a new project that hopes to bring a range of Shieldmaidens & Orcs to the tabletop to add to their growing Fantasy range…

Justin, We Found Your Mammooth From Shieldwolf Miniatures

494 days ago 19

Shieldwolf Miniatures has up on their site a pre-order for the Great War Mammooth.

Weekender: Big Kickstarters & Battlefleet Gothic Returns

Weekender: Big Kickstarters & Battlefleet Gothic Returns

500 days ago 84

Another great week in the
tabletop gaming world and
we’re here to chat about
some interesting Games
Workshop digital games
and new Kickstarters too…