Designing A Dungeon? Dungeon Architect Cards Are Here To Help

February 26, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

Calling all you RPGers out there, have you ever sat down to design a dungeon for your next adventuring party? How about getting together with a few friends and having an impromptu adventure? Sure there are books and software available to do such a thing, but how about grabbing a deck of cards that you can deal out to do it on the fly? Simian Circle Games is trying to do just that with a new Kickstarter campaign called DAC: Dungeon Architect Cards.

Dungeon Architect Cards

Dungeon Architect Cards

In this dungeon design deck you get 54 cards that are double sided to give you 108 possible rooms with that contain a diagram with 12 descriptors on it. The artwork is clean and simple, and the colours are pleasing to the eye. They have already surpassed their funding goal with just a little under a month from the date of this article. Yes, I know there have been other projects such as this one.

What drew my attention is that it looks like a decent project very a very small and aspiring company.

Isn’t that what Kickstarter is for anyhow?