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Join Gob’Z'Heroes In A New Kickstarter Game By Skulls Mini

566 days ago 4

Skulls Mini have been working on bringing a range of wonderfully characterful Goblins to the tabletop in miniature as well as a game to go with it. That game is Gob’Z'Heroes and you can find out more about it below…

Skulls Minis Turn Goblins Into Awesomely Charming Superheroes!

895 days ago 14

See how these superhero Goblins are turning out from Skulls Minis! The IndieGoGo Campaign is well worth supporting if you want to pick up some characterful and creative looking sculpts.

Skulls Minis Show Off Their Limited Edition Minotaur

958 days ago 6

See what Skull Minis have to offer with their rather impressively sculpted and painted Minotaur that draws inspiration from The Unicorn series of comics.