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Skullduggery Press Package Your Goods In New Containers

495 days ago 8

Taking a leaf out of Antenocitis Workshops’s book the folks at Skullduggery Press have designed their own set of Sci-Fi Containers for use in both 28mm games and those at the smaller scale of 15mm. See what you think of them within…

Skullduggery Press Preview More Silver Order & Dark Legion

564 days ago 3

Skullduggery Press have given us another tantalising peek at what’s appearing on their workbench at the moment with a preview of the Silver Order and Dark Legion…

Skullduggery Press Direct The Troops With 15mm Silver Order Commander

584 days ago 13

Command your troops and then blast all over the battlefield with a new Grav Bike as we see whats on offer from Skullduggery Press in 15mm.