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Teams, Dice, Boards and More Get Released For Slaughterball

296 days ago 5

The game of Slaughterball has just seen a massive release as the various expansion teams and boards hit the shelves of Frog the What Games.

Slaughterball Shows Off The Katanas In Wave Two News

362 days ago 1

Frog the What Games have just announced that their wave 2 releases have started shipping from China and we should be seeing them appear in Slaughterball some time in October.

The Legion of Slaughterball March Onto the Pitch In Wave Two Previews

393 days ago 4

Frog the What Games have received the factory production samples for some of their Slaughterball Wave 2 pieces and have just published previews of them.

Weekender: Ace Myth Minis, Prodos Head Sculpts & The 100th Episode!

Weekender: Ace Myth Minis, Prodos Head Sculpts & The 100th Episode!

812 days ago 94

After the insanity that was the
Bolt Action Boot Camp we’re
back with The Weekender
and it’s 100th Episode of
the show today!

Check Out the Stats and Skills of Slaughterball Warren

931 days ago 18

As you might know, Warren was recently turned into an athlete for the game of Slaughterball and now Frog the What Games have sent us a preview of his stat card.

Ryan Metzler Forms the Final Athlete Render for Slaughterball

948 days ago 4

The last athlete for the Slaughterball Kickstarter has had his render appear and it’s none other than Ryan Metzler of The Dice Tower.

Frog the What Show Progress of Their Slaughterball Molds

954 days ago 2

News continues to appear on the development of Slaughterball and this time we get an update on the progress of the molds themselves.

Slaughterball Shows Off The Legion Slasher & Team Fury

956 days ago 1

The athletes of the Fury team in Slaughterball have been reworked slightly and their new and improved miniatures have appeared, complete with longer tails.

Catch This Legion Razor in Slaughterball

963 days ago 0

The pledge manager for Slaughterball has headed out to backers and so has a new render for the Legion team, this time showing off the multi-armed Razor.

Slaughterball Make a Legion Cleaver Worthy of Caesar

972 days ago 2

Slaughterball has published another render of a WiP player, the Legion Cleaver who has now been posed in a way that would make any Shakespearean Caesar proud.

The Brutal Legion Butcher Prepares for Slaughterball

980 days ago 0

Frog the What Games are once again showing off a new WiP; this time we meet the mass of muscle that is a Legion Butcher.

Slaughterball Shows Off the Prototype Katanas

989 days ago 0

Over on Slaughterball, the first final prints of the base game have been sent off to the factory, but in the meantime we get to see the low-detail prototypes of the Katana team.

More WiPs for the Legion and Gruesomes Appear for Slaughterball

995 days ago 1

WiPs continue to appear for the Slaughterball teams, the latest showing off the awesome designs for the Legion Slasher and Cleaver and the Gruesomes many-armed Razor.

Gruesome and Legion Cleavers Go Head to Head in Slaughterball

1000 days ago 0

Two more player WiPs have appeared and are getting ready step onto the pitch in a game of Slaughterball. Check out the cleavers who will play for the Gruesomes and Legions.

Frog the What Bolt Together a Gruesome Slaughterball Slasher

1005 days ago 0

The next Slaughterball player is getting bolted together and only needs a good thunder storm to be ready to play. This Gruesome Slasher is almost alive!