Check Out the Stats and Skills of Slaughterball Warren

January 30, 2015 by dracs

As you might know, Warren was recently turned into an athlete for the game of Slaughterball and now Frog the What Games have sent us a preview of his stat card.

Warren Johnston Stat Card

Warren Stat Card

As you can see, Warren turns out to be quite good at Sci-Fi sports. He’s an especially tough butcher character, so tough in fact that players will get more points if they manage to take him down! Which means we could end up with some rather amusing moments where whole teams gang up on Warren, while totally neglecting the rest of his team who can then score with impunity.

Currently, the only thing missing from this stat card is an appropriate Warren quotation. Do you have an idea for what Frog the What should put there?

"Warren turns out to be quite good at scifi sports."