Face the Furry Fury of Slaughterball’s Latest Cleaver

October 2, 2014 by dracs

The newest team to join the game of Slaughterball on Kickstarter is the Fury team, a faction made up of genetically engineered tiger men. Frog the What have been teasing us with concept art of these feline footballers, but now we get our first look at a 3D sculpt!

Fury Cleaver

This is one of the team’s Cleavers, an agile player who looks as though they could easily take down some pretty tough opponents as easily as if they were scratching posts. There’s a lot of motion to this design, and Frog the What have succeeded in conveying the feral nature of the Fury team, especially with the facial expression.

From the beast we go to beauty, as a more teams’ cheerleaders become available as add-ons on the Kickstarter.

Carnage Cheerleaders

Fury Cheerleaders

Valkyries Cheerleaders

Swords of Damocles Cheerleaders

As you can see from these concepts, these cheerleaders have the sort of proportions that could only be achieved through genetic manipulation, but I guess that this fits with the high-octane, over-the-top style of Slaughterball, and they should make some cool miniatures, extolling your teams on to displays of even greater sporting prowess.

Does the Fury team tempt you to pledge to this Kickstarter? Or are the cheerleaders enticing you to get started with Slaughterball?

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