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Spectre Miniatures SAS Jungle Operators Have Arrived

5 days ago 6

Spectre Miniatures has released the incredible SAS Jungle Operators.

The SAS Head Into The Jungle With Spectre Miniatures

25 days ago 5

Spectre Miniatures have teased what lies ahead for the SAS as they take them into the jungle for their next mission. Take a look at the preview…

Q&A Time! Hitting Basic Training For Spectre: Operations

Q&A Time! Hitting Basic Training For Spectre: Operations

32 days ago 18

We learn about the background of Spectre Miniatures and get stuck into some of the awesome features present in the Modern Warfare game, Spectre: Operations.

Spectre Miniatures Rulebook Up For Pre-Order

38 days ago 4

Spectre Miniatures is getting really close to releasing their own rulebook. You might want to check it out!

Task Force Nomad Get Ready For Active Service With Spectre Miniatures

48 days ago 9

Spectre Miniatures have their next team ready for go when it comes to your Modern Warfare gaming. Here we have Task Force Nomad who look they are primed for some fighting in the Middle-East.

Add Life To Your Spectre Miniatures Tabletop With Scenery & Civvies

69 days ago 8

Spectre Miniatures continue to add to their Modern Warfare world with some new models and scenery for you to work with when creating scenarios.

New US Rangers Join Your Fighting Force From Spectre

85 days ago 13

Spectre has announced that US Rangers are joining their range this week. Now you can outfit your units with these Special Forces!

Get A Sneak Peek At Campaign From Upcoming Rulebook By Spectre

121 days ago 13

Spectre Miniatures has been hinting around their upcoming rulebook for modern special ops. They now give us a peek into one of the campaigns to be included in the book.

Spectre Miniatures Reinforcements Now Available

148 days ago 5

Spectre Miniatures is adding to their ranges with some pretty exciting releases!

Spectre Previews WIP For Rangers & Other Spec Op Troops

183 days ago 4

Spectre Miniatures continues their hard work bringing us some amazing spec ops troops. Check out these WIPs.

Undercover Agents & Operatives Head To Salute From Spectre

194 days ago 9

Spectre Miniatures have revealed some additional undercover operatives and secrets agents that will be joining the rest of the modern military range at Salute this year.

Spectre Set Their Sights On The Boss With New Sniper Marksman

201 days ago 1

Spectre Miniatures have added some more models to their collection for scenario use and beyond. Starting things off we have the target for an assassination, The Boss.

Spectre Miniatures Hints At 75th Rangers Line

215 days ago 4

Spectre Miniatures has hinted at a new release that will be coming soon.

Spectre Miniatures Launch Painting Competition

307 days ago 4

Spectre Miniatures have announced a Painting Competition to see what the community have been up when it comes to their model range.

Go Behind Enemy Lines With Spectre Specialists For Modern Warfare

327 days ago 13

Spectre have added a whole bunch of new miniatures to their collection over the last weekend. Both the Task Force Operators and the Deniable Operators sections have grown!