Insurgents & Reinforcements Called Up For Spectre Miniatures

June 27, 2015 by stvitusdancern

Spectre Miniatures continues on their mission to bring us the latest in modern warfare gaming. In this iteration, the have brought forward some Insurgents to counter the Task Force Operators.


They are armed with a mixture of weapons AKSU, AK-47 and M4 rifles and their clothing will fit in any region of the world to reign in terror and force their will upon the population. To answer this threat the Task Force Operators have added some additional firepower.



There is the “red mister” AA-12 auto shotgun which can lay down a tremendous amount scatter to take down the bad guys in close range CQB.

In addition to give your operators extra covering fire, they have included two LMG (light machine guns) poses, the weapons appear to be SAWs (M249) which are useful in battle in that it can take either belt feed ammo or magazines from a M16 / M4 weapon.

I cannot wait to get my hands on these minis as we look to create a modern table, I am thinking Little Birds (MH-6)  swooping down on a village in the middle of the night and the operators going building to building to capture the leader of a terrorist group and gather intel.

I will have to somehow work MH-60s into this to extract the operators and their prize catch.

Is modern a period for you?

"...take down the bad guys in close range CQB."