Spectre Operations Rules Launch Online For Modern Warfare

February 2, 2015 by brennon

Spectre Miniatures had a massive Kickstarter last year and the fruits of their labour have been popping up online ever since with a growing base of miniatures for (semi)modern combat. Best of all their new rules are now free to download

Spectre Operations

“Spectre: Operations has been designed to reflect the reality of modern combat while still retaining fun, momentum and playability. It encourages the player to apply modern tactics to effectively command his troops, or rely on numbers and brute force to achieve the aim. It stresses the importance of the individual soldier and illustrates the many complexities of the modern battlespace. The rules can be used for operations as small team-level skirmishes to task-force sized, fully fledged combat operations.”

Sounds pretty awesome to us and means that you could put your soldiers in a variety of different battlefields and have a rules set that works great within it. Loads of weapon options are dealt with alongside factions and the ways to build them up for your games.

If you’re interested in modern combat then this might be the rules set for you.

Let us know what you think!