The Corroded Plague Lord Oozes Out of Spellcrow

January 26, 2015 by dracs

Spellcrow’s Plague Lord is now out and ready to lead their force of plague infested Sci-Fi super soldiers to war!

Plague Lord

Plague Lord

The Plague Lord definitely strikes an imposing presence in that bulky, corroded power armour. The addition of the massive axe and gun, both suitably rotting, just finishes off the threat this guy promises to be in combat.

However, I would say maybe Spellcrow have gone a bit over the top on the corrosion. After all, if he was to hit anyone with that axe it would most likely shatter into a cloud of rust.

Would you trust the leadership of your plague troops to this Plague Lord?

"The Plague Lord definitely strikes an imposing presence"

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