Drink & Be Merry With Spellcrow’s Drunken Dwarf

January 21, 2014 by brennon

Spellcrow have another neat miniature on the horizon and since it’s a Dwarf it already had my attention. See what you think of their Drunken Dwarf with Hammer that will be coming to the webstore soon.

Drunken Dwarf with Hammer

He’s quite the merry looking soul, and he should be with a mug of beer that so full of frothing beer. I quite like the miniature as a whole but I’m not too sure on his big quiff of hair. I can’t really tell on the green, but it seems like it gets in the way a bit.

Otherwise it’s pretty much on the money and would make a great hero for role-playing games or as the champion for a unit perhaps.

Do you like this drinker?