Fund A Myriad Of Dyniaqs With Spellcrow On IndieGoGo

November 6, 2013 by brennon

I’m fairly sure that a ‘myriad’ is the right term for a collection of Dyniaqs, don’t you? Maybe it should be a ‘scare’ of pumpkin men? See what you think of their vegetable-based adventurers below as Spellcrow hit IndieGoGo…

Dyniaq Starter Set

They are hoping to get enough funding to make this collection of strange pumpkin headed adventurers a reality and I think they would be great for role-playing with kids or as an alternative world for your regular role-playing.

Dyniaqs Starter Preview

Alternate Dyniaqs

I can see you being able to weave a story where a patch of pumpkins owned by a witch or wizard were magically bought to life one night and found that their master had been taken captive by some evil force. So, the Dyniaqs take on the task of hunting down the evil doers and rescuing their wizard friend.

Adding to the narrative value the actual sculpts are pretty awesome too. I love the detail and character that Spellcrow manage to weave into their sculpts and these are some of their best.

What stories would you tell?