New Space Elf Heads & Human Bodies Roll From Spellcrow

February 4, 2015 by brennon

Spellcrow have put together a few more bitz for you to play around with when it comes to adapting your existing miniatures collection. See what you think of the new Naked Male Torsos and Space Elf Heads for your Sci-Fi (and more) gaming…

Human Naked Torsos

The first bitz to look at are these Naked Male Torsos that have a fair amount of muscle to them. As well as being useful for regular soldiers from whatever time period I’m sure that they would work well for Space Marines too. Add a few bionic attachments and you’d have some interesting bare bodies.

Space Elf Heads

On the other side of the galaxy we have some new Space Elf heads that would be great for any Eldar you’re working on at the moment but you could probably also get away with painting these as masks, especially the more expressive designs, for use as Harlequins perhaps?

They’re certainly dying to have some cool hoods modeled over them that’s for sure.

What would you use these for?

"Add a few bionic attachments and you'd have some interesting bare bodies"

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