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Weekender XLBS: What’s Your Next Big Project?


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New Adventurers Head Out On A Journey From Splintered Light


Sculpted by Ben Seins the folks at Splintered Light Miniatures are going to be welcoming some new 15mm Adventurers and more to the tabletop soon.

Weekender XLBS: 15mm Dungeon Crawling & BoW Become A Star Ship Crew!

Weekender XLBS: 15mm Dungeon Crawling & BoW Become A Star Ship Crew!


Splintered Light Get Trapped In A Jelly Cube!


Splintered Light Miniatures have added another monster to their collection for use in your role-playing games. See what you think of the 15mm Giant Jelly Cube!

Splintered Light’s Blue & White Dragon Defend Their Hoard


Splintered Light Miniatures have shown off two new sculpts for their 15mm range that is perfect for dungeons.

Splintered Light Build 15mm Golems & Monsters


Building on the idea of a small scale 15mm dungeon crawling adventure we have some new Golems & Monsters from Splintered Light Miniatures on the cards thanks to the sculpting hand of Faron Betchley. See what you think of these creatures…

New 15mm Warbands, Monsters & Heroes Out From Splintered Light


Splintered Light Miniatures have added a whole range of new models to their 15mm range. Full warbands, groups of heroes and even some terrifying Ogres are all now available and we’ve broken them down into their groups…

Splintered Light’s 15mm Pig Orcs Get Battlin’


Splintered Light are raising an army of Pig-Orcs to do battle hopefully some time in the middle of August. In the meantime we have a series of previews for them below where they are looking very good indeed…

New 15mm Monsters & Characters Available From Splintered Light


Splintered Light Miniatures have shown off some of the mass of monsters and characters available for their 15mm role-playing line up. If you want to pick up a whole bunch of beasts and other personalities for dungeon crawls then this could work out neatly…

Splintered Light Join The Shieldmaidens & Go Hunting Ettins


A mighty monster and some deadly looking Shieldmaidens pop up from Splintered Light Miniatures. Would you use them for your role-playing games?