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Kickstarter Exclusive Blaine Render Pops Up From Mantic Games

187 days ago 9

Mantic Games are still accepting Late Pledges for their Star Saga Campaign which ran last year. You can find the Pledge Manager HERE if you want to jump in on the action. If you’re still on the edge maybe this Kickstarter Exclusive Blaine might bring you round!

Star Saga Ending Soon With Two Big Expansions Unveiled

304 days ago 9

Mantic Games are closing in on the final few hours of their Kickstarter for Star Saga and with that, we’re getting a look at two big expansions that will focus in on both the Rebs and The Nameless.

Star Saga To Welcome New Mercs In Final Week On Kickstarter

308 days ago 10

With there only being a week or so left as part of the Mantic Games Kickstarter for Star Saga we got a look at some new Mercs on the way for the game!

Weekender: Amazing Conan Unboxing & Kickstarting The Small Terrain Studio

Weekender: Amazing Conan Unboxing & Kickstarting The Small Terrain Studio

308 days ago 59

The Nameless Fear In The Darkness Comes To Mantic’s Star Saga

317 days ago 18

As one of the upcoming Add-Ons and Expansions to Star Saga Mantic Games have brought together The Nameless as a new force for you to fight against in the facility.

Dark Ops Show Off Upcoming Star Saga Game Tiles

323 days ago 28

As part of the upcoming Star Saga Kickstarter campaign Dark Ops are going to be providing some new tiles for use in Mantic Games’ Sci-Fi dungeon crawler.

The Star Saga Kickstarter Launches From Mantic Games

327 days ago 151

The Star Saga Kickstarter has begun from Mantic Games and it’s taking dungeon crawling to the depths of space!


Weekender: Awesome Icarus Prize & Star Saga; Adventures in Spaaace!

329 days ago 157

We’ve got a chock-a-block full show for you this week where we’re talking to Mantic Games about Star Saga and Hyacinth Games about Wreck-Age too.

Mantic’s Sci-Fi Dungeon Crawler Star Saga Launches On Kickstarter This September

337 days ago 122

Mantic Games’ Sci-Fi dungeon crawler, Star Saga: The Eiras Contract, is set to launch on Kickstarter September 26th 2016. Are you ready for this one?