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Star Wars RPG Moments Come To Life With Critical Injury & Hit Decks

808 days ago 0

Fantasy Flight has found a new way to make your Star Wars RPG play even more epic! Their 2 new Critical Hits and Injury Decks will allow players to see and feel the more serious moments of game play.

FFG Announces New Sourcebook On The Way For Star Wars: Age of Rebellion

901 days ago 1

Fantasy Flight continues to make the Star Wars galaxy bigger with the announcement of the newest, upcoming sourcebook for Star Wars: Age of Rebellion, Strongholds of Resistance! New places, new faces and new tech are available for discovery in this new book in the second quarter of 2015.

New Sourcebook is Coming for Diplomats in Star Wars: Age of Rebellion

926 days ago 3

Not a fighter? Perhaps your expertise is talking your way out of a precarious situation? Fantasy Flight Games has the perfect tool for you for Star Wars: Age of Rebellion in their upcoming sourcebook, Desperate Allies, where the diplomats get all the attention.