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Weekender: Previewing 4Ground’s Mighty Dwarf Terrain & Warlord’s Doctor Who Will See You Now

129 days ago 115

We show off the new 4Ground Dwarven & Steampunk Terrain plus you could win excellent Miniature Wargaming The Movie Prizes!

Get Campaigning With The Corellian Conflict In Star Wars: Armada!

135 days ago 7

Fantasy Flight Games have now put together a rather impressive campaign package for Star Wars: Armada called The Corellian Conflict. This will give you everything you need to play out an epic war in space…

Weekender: Tanks Galore & Chatting My Little Pony With Alessio

Weekender: New GF9 Tanks Game First Look & Hasbro My Little Pony RPG Interview

262 days ago 92

Welcome to The Weekender
where we’ve got some
interesting and quirky stuff
to talk about. That means
Tanks and…wait for it,
My Little Pony!

FFG Announces Wave III For Star Wars Armada

264 days ago 4

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the next wave for Star Wars Armada and it brings a new twist…

Command Your Fleet With Star Wars Armada

356 days ago 19

With the release of the new Star Wars Movie “The Force Awakens”, we thought it would be most appropriate to give you some insight into a few Star Wars games, starting with Armada.

Is Your FLGS Part Of The Championship Circuit For FFG?

428 days ago Comments Off

Fantasy Flight Games has released information about the upcoming 2016 In Store Championships.

Imperial Raiders Appear For Star Wars Armada

441 days ago 4

If you are a Star Wars fan you have to be loving these past few months. Now Fantasy Flight Games expands their universe in Star Wars Armada with the addition of the Imperial Raider.

Celebrate Wave II For Star Wars Armada With The Massing At Sullust

466 days ago 4

Fantasy Flight Games is making a weekend out of the second wave of ships for Star Wars Armada.

Weekender XLBS: X-Wing Fever & Eldar Craftworlds Return!

Weekender XLBS: Star Wars: Armada Fever & Eldar Craftworlds Return!

597 days ago 104

Happy Sunday! As most of you
know Salute 2015 is just
around the corner and
that means we’re also
organising something
for you Backstagers!

Keep Your Shiny, New Armada Game Safe In Custom Battle Foam

601 days ago 1

All your shiny, new ships for Star Wars Armada need safe keeping and Battle Foam has you covered. Custom foam trays will do just the trick to keep your (soon to be expanding) game safe when not being played.

The Galaxy Expands For Star Wars Armada With the Wave II Expansions

609 days ago 13

More Star Wars goodness is heading to the tables in Wave II for Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars Armada game! These options will allow the galaxy to continue to grow as the strategies change with both new ships and new Aces charge into battle.

You Are Now In Command of Your Fleet In Star Wars Armada

619 days ago 31

Fantasy Flight Games has finally released their long awaited game Star Wars Armada and it was worth the wait!

Command Your Own Fleet In Star Wars Armada.

709 days ago 11

Fantasy Flight Games gives us another peek into their upcoming game Star Wars Armada. We have played a demo of this game and it looks to be a smash hit.

Wave One Announced for Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars Armada

757 days ago 5

Fantasy Flight Games’ upcoming game Star Wars Armada is getting more ships to add to your fleet.

GenCon Update: First Two Days Of Incredible!

843 days ago 12

GenCon 2014 has come and we prepare for the onslaught of games and their gamers. We are doing our best to get you the best in coverage.