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Take A Look At The Scum & Villainy Of Star Wars: Destiny


The scum and villainy of the galaxy were on display this week with another preview from Fantasy Flight Games for Star Wars: Destiny showing off new Yellow Characters from Empire At War.

Knights Of Ren: 3/12 – May The Force Be With You


We introduce two new hosts to the Knights of Ren team! Nick and Todd come on the show as we discuss the events at NOVA, Force Friday and the new launch of the two player box from FFG.

Weekender: Star Wars Destiny Dream Teams & Winners From Gen Con 50

Weekender: Star Wars Destiny Dream Teams & Winners From Gen Con 50


It’s the Weekend!
Time for some
tabletop gaming

Knights Of Ren: 3/11 – I Have Been Trained In Your Jedi Arts


Lukas Litszinger joins us with spoilers from Empire at War! But that’s not all, we discuss the design of cards during Spirit of Rebellion and how Empire at War will reflect their attempt at shifting the meta.

FFG Release New Star Wars: Destiny Two Player Game


Fantasy Flight Games have also now just announced their new Two-Player Game featuring characters and cards to get two people going on the tabletop.

The Jedi Trials Share More Star Wars: Destiny Spoilers For Empire At War


Being exceptionally kind to their community, Fantasy Flight have shared more spoilers for Empire At War, the new box for Star Wars: Destiny coming soon.

Three Man Meta Share New Star Wars: Destiny Teasers!


Three Man Meta, a gaming group and podcast has shared some of the spoilers they received for Star Wars: Destiny by Fantasy Flight Games.

Knights Of Ren: 3/10 – I Am No Jedi


Gen Con is over and Jay is back at base with us. We have also brought on a special guest, Nick Obee joins us to discuss the main Destiny tournament where he finished in the top 4, as well as his deck and what FFG had to offer for Destiny players at the con.

Fantasy Flight Games Show Star Wars Destiny Spoilers


Preview the Champions of the Force in Empire at War

Knights Of Ren: 3/09 – Use The Force, Luke


Jay breaks down his new Hero deck currently in testing and we discuss newly spoiled cards on this week’s show! Check out our newest podcast, the Galactic Senate brought to you by our listeners!