FFG Release New Star Wars: Destiny Two Player Game

September 1, 2017 by brennon

We’ve talked a lot about Star Wars: Destiny over the last few days on Beasts Of War but that’s because it’s such a good game! Fantasy Flight Games have also now just announced their new Two-Player Game featuring characters and cards to get two people going on the tabletop.

Star Wars Destiny Two Player Game

The box comes with enough cards for you to create two decks for players to get into the game based on the characters and events of the upcoming film, The Last Jedi.

Star Wars Destiny Two Player Game Contents

You’ll get one character die for each of the four heroes and villains as well as a selection of cards which you can use to play your deck straight out of the box. If you wanted to use the upgraded versions of the characters and have full playsets for the cards in the game too you’d have to pay out for a second set (who am I kidding; I’m going to be doing that…).

The Characters

For the heroes in the set, we have Rey teaming up with Poe Dameron.


Both of these characters are neat upgrades from their counterparts in the first set that came out with Awakening. I really like the art style for them too.


You’ll see that they both work very well together as a partnership too. Poe can hand shields to Rey and then she can deal out some extra damage to her foes as they try and battle her for supremacy of the force.

For the villains of the piece, you’ll find Captain Phasma out in the field alongside Kylo Ren who looks ready to deal out some damage.


We’ve seen these previews popping up online from the start of the week as teasers and spoilers but it’s good to know that they’re real! We’re getting some hard hitting characters here again too and I’m sure they’ll see play beyond this simple two-player set.


You can go and check out more of the card previews on the link above to the Fantasy Flight Games preview and no doubt watch out for the Knights Of Ren Podcast where they discuss the game and this news!

What I think is interesting is that we haven’t seen a single yellow card in this set. Maybe it’s to keep the fiddling around with turn sequences and mitigation to a minimum for new players?

We also have some awesome personal weapons for the characters which I think is very cool. There was nothing worse than not being able to find a Kylo Ren’s Lightsabre for him.

Will you be getting this?

"If you wanted to use the upgraded versions of the characters and have full playsets for the cards in the game too you'd have to pay out for a second set...who am I kidding; I'm going to be doing that..."