New Expansion Vehicles On The Way For Star Wars: Legion

October 25, 2017 by brennon

New expansion packs are on the way from Fantasy Flight Games in the new year for Star Wars: Legion. This time we’re seeing some vehicles hitting the market after the main game goes live.


Leading the way we have the AT-ST for the Imperial players. This gives you a cool indication of some of the big models that we’re going to be seen thrown into the mix to support each of the different factions for the game.

Going up against it we have the Airspeeder for the Rebels which is iconic for its role on the battlefields of Hoth.


It’s going to be interesting seeing how one of these actually works on the tabletop since it is surely going to be going quite fast for most of the interactions on the tabletop?

Either way, it broadens the horizons for what’s possible for this game. I mean…surely we should have an AT-AT down the line?

Bolstered Forces

As well as the vehicles above they also have some cool new additions to help add to the existing forces you’ll have by the time you pick up the main game.

Rebel Troopers

As well as the Rebel Troopers which you see above you will also find yourself getting your hands on the AT-RT which you saw in the set too. Adding more to your existing units, or building new ones will bulk out your force.


These are rather awesome, and whilst I don’t really know about them from the movie world I think they are awesome for those looking to add some fire to their army of foot troops.

The Imperial player also gets some new Stormtroopers


…and some wicked new Speeder Bikes for those chases through the woods in search of an Imperial bunker.

Speeder Bikes

With some cool expansions around the corner; are you more tempted by Legion now that you know what’s coming to support it?

Drop your thoughts below…

"With some cool expansions around the corner; are you more tempted by Legion now that you know what's coming to support it?"