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Mass Battle Star Wars: Legion Coming To The Tabletop From FFG

Mass Battle Star Wars: Legion Coming To The Tabletop From FFG

8 hours ago 68

In a Galaxy far, far away…

Fantasy Flight Games Celebrate 30th Anniversary Of Star Wars RPG

1 day ago 28

Dive into a Star Wars adventure with the Anniversary Edition of the Roleplaying Game

Knights Of Ren: 3/06 – Why Does She Get A Blaster And I Don’t?

31 days ago 0

This week we’re looking at the new Empire At War Spoilers & updates to the Rules Reference for Star Wars: Destiny!

Weekender XLBS: Animal Adventuring & Board Gamers Becoming Wargamers

Weekender XLBS: Animal Adventuring & Board Gamers Becoming Wargamers

34 days ago 41

Sit back and relax with us for
Weekender XLBS where we delve
into some of our hobbies and talk
more about what’s coming
for the tabletop world.

Get Stuck Into Your Own 3D Trench Run Terrain On Kickstarter

39 days ago 4

Jeffrey McKelvy has taken to Kickstarter to fund his terrain project to help create a fantastic Trench Rune Terrain Set.

New Star Wars: Destiny Teasers Pop Up From Team Covenant

44 days ago 4

Empire At War is the new set coming to Star Wars: Destiny later this year from Fantasy Flight Games and Team Covenant got a preview of some of the new cards from the set.

Knights Of Ren: Ep 3/05 – Let The Hate Flow Through You

51 days ago 0

What do the Knights of Ren think about the current state of Star Wars: Destiny and the meta?

Knights Of Ren: Ep 3/04 – Traitor!

53 days ago 0

Elrathion joins us from the Artificery crew to talk about Store Champs with two different decks he took to his events and topped with 1st and 2nd place finishes.

Knights Of Ren: Ep 3/03 – Conditions Have Changed

65 days ago 0

Let’s build a deck! This week Rick gives us a recap of his most recent store champ tournament with a new deck he took into the field.

Knights Of Ren: Ep 3/02 – You Underestimate My Power

71 days ago 0

Jay wins his Store champs, we bring the creator of the “emo kids” deck on as our guest and we talk about the current tournament structure that cuts out players who lose just one game from the top cut.

Knights Of Ren: Ep 3/01 – And Now, Young Skywalker… You Will Die

78 days ago 0

Welcome to season three! We begin things by talking about Store Championships, the decks Rick and Jay brought and how they fared in the tournaments. Rick discusses his Qui-Gon/Rey deck and Jay talks about his Young Vader/Kylo deck.

Knights Of Ren: Ep 2/24 – My Troops Will Storm This Block And Kill You All

87 days ago 0

This week we are joined by our special guest Nick, the runner-up at Worlds 2017. We’re also talking about some of the newer decks out there and where cards may fit into the evolving meta!

Knights Of Ren: Ep 2/23 – I Have You Now

93 days ago 0

This week we are joined by our special guest Daniel Weiser, the winner of the Star Wars Destiny Worlds 2017 tournament, to talk about his experience at Worlds.

Get Set For X-Wing Today At The Star Wars World Championship

104 days ago 0

After five days of gaming, featuring over a thousand games competing for five world titles, the crown jewel of Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars games, X-Wing, will bring the event home.

Prepare For Star Wars: Destiny Today At The FFG World Championships

105 days ago 0

Star Wars: Destiny steps into the spotlight today. The stream is expected to go live at 13.00 CDT (19.00 BST), and run till 21.00 CDT (03.00 BST).