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Visit The Anchorhead Cantina With Star Wars: Imperial Assault Mat

14 days ago 5

Fantasy Flight Games have released a new scenario skirmish mat for Star Wars Imperial Assault, letting players scuffle in the tight confines of the Anchorhead Cantina.

Shape Force And Destiny In Star Wars Ghosts Of Dathomir

26 days ago 2

Fantasy Flight Games have a new adventure module coming out for the role playing game Star Wars Force and Destiny. Explore the territory of the Hutts in Ghosts of Dathomir.

Star Wars Episode VIII Title Announced – The Last Jedi

29 days ago 28

Over on the Star Wars website we got the title of Episode VIII in this epic Sci-Fi saga. The new film, coming in December, is The Last Jedi.

Community Spotlight: Star Wars, Scaredy-Cats, & Confederates

Community Spotlight: Star Wars, Scaredy-Cats, & Confederates

39 days ago 17

We hope you had a good holiday season.
Now it’s time to get back to
some more painting!

Battle Foam Star Wars: Destiny Foam Coming Soon [Updated]!

39 days ago 1

Available later today, Battle Foam are going to be releasing a set of new Foam and Bag options for those who are collecting and playing Star Wars: Destiny.

Spirit Of Rebellion Boosters Come To Star Wars: Destiny

40 days ago 8

Star Wars: Destiny has been quite the success for Fantasy Flight Games and they have now announced the newest set of boosters, Spirit of Rebellion. There’s a certain Rogue One feel about this set!

Scum & Villainy Are Getting An Upgrade – The C-ROC Cruiser For X-Wing

41 days ago 7

Fantasy Flight Games has just given gamers yet another reason to get into the world of X-Wing. The Scum & Villainy are getting themselves a sweet new ride with the C-ROC Cruiser.

Get In The Star Wars Mood For Rogue One!

Get In The Star Wars Mood For Rogue One!

67 days ago 41

Today is a special day for everyone who loves the world of Star Wars as Rogue One is out for folks to go and see! So, get into the Star Wars mood with us here on Beasts of War…

The Infamous Crime Lord, Jabba The Hut, Joins Star Wars: Imperial Assault

77 days ago 4

There’s a new boss in town- at least on Tattooine. Jabba the Hutt is making his way into Fantasy Flight Games’ Imperial Assault, and he brings some BIG skills to the table.

Fantasy Flight Games Offers New Mat For Star Wars Destiny

78 days ago 9

Star Wars Destiny the new card and dice game from FFG has its first accessory.

Fantasy Flight Take A Look At The Quad Jumper For X-Wing

90 days ago 3

Fantasy Flight Games is delving into more from the world of X-Wing this week as they look at the Quad Jumper for the Scum & Villainy faction in the game.

Classic CLUE Board Game Gets A Star Wars Twist

95 days ago 12

Isn’t it about time you updated your copy of the classic board game, CLUE? Disney and Hasbro couldn’t agree more, which is how they created the 3D, Star Wars CLUE edition.

Adepticon To Host The Hoth Open For Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing

104 days ago 2

X-Wing players should be excited to hear the news that Fantasy Flight Games has designated Adepticon as the Hoth Open again this year for the X-Wing System Open Series!

New Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer Hits!

131 days ago 19

The new trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One, which is going to be in cinemas December 16th 2016, is looking fantastic!

The U-Wing & TIE Striker Swoop Into FFG’s X-Wing

167 days ago 9

Two new ships are joining the fleet of options now available to you in Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing.