Fantasy Flight Set the Objectives for Star Wars: The Card Game

November 5, 2012 by brennon

Star Wars: The Card Game isn’t too far away and Fantasy Flight Games are looking at some of the key mechanics that make up their game. First up is a look at objectives and what role they play in your deck…

Star Wars - The Card Game

Objectives give you something to focus on as you build your deck. As a two player game one of you will be taking on the mantle of the Dark Side, while the other fights for good as the Light Side. You must then try and complete your objectives while making sure your opponent cannot.

Mission Briefing Objective Set

Mobilize the Squadrons Objective Set

Above are two of the different objectives for the Rebels, namely Mobilize the Squadrons and Mission Briefing. One thing that immediately hits me about these is that the artwork is utterly brilliant!

Objective Sets like you can see above create a new way of deck building, giving you a certain selection of cards rather than having to take everything as a single option. You can read more about them on the Fantasy Flight Preview HERE.

Are you looking forwards to this one?