Star Wars: The Card Game is Reborn with Fantasy Flight!

September 5, 2012 by brennon

After going back to the drawing board with their first prototype Fantasy Flight Games are ready to release Star Wars: The Card Game later this year!

Star Wars - The Card Game Box Art

In this card game, based on the first three movies you take control of either the light side or dark side, vying for control over the galaxy. Lord Vader seeks to stamp out the very last of the rebellion, while Luke Skywalker strives to destroy key objectives that are important in pushing back the Empire.

Star Wars Card Fan

Locations, characters and scenes from the movies are all present in this set. The card art is looking pretty fantastic and with Eric Lang behind the mechanics its sure to be a blast to play.

Look out for this game towards the end of the year!

Have you been waiting for this with baited breath?