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Statuesque Miniatures Create Bionic Heads For Sci-Fi Soldiers

54 days ago 1

Statuesque Miniatures have created a range of Female Bionic Heads that you could use in all manner of scales.

Statuesque Tease Pulp Alley Sky Pirates!

64 days ago 2

Statuesque Miniatures have teased the arrival of some new Sky Pirates for Pulp Alley. They might just be silhouettes at the moment but we can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Darkness Comes To Statuesque Miniatures With Apophis

223 days ago 3

Something dangerous comes from the darkness of Statuesque Miniatures. The deadly Apophis – The Shadow of Chaos has arisen and is now going to be a dangerous foe for your investigators to deal with.

Weekender XLBS: Fixing Your eBay Armies & Rules Changes - How Often Should They Happen?

Weekender XLBS: Fixing Your eBay Armies & Rules Changes – How Often Should They Happen?

224 days ago 61

Welcome Backstage as we
sit down and relax with
The Weekender XLBS.
We’re discussing how
often rules should be
changing in your

Statuesque Welcomes A New Investigator To Their Pulp World

306 days ago 4

Here is the selection below which can be found over on their webstore. The differences are small but they make all the difference…

Pulp Alley Leagues Book To Launch In October 2015

467 days ago 1

Pulp Leagues, the new book from Pulp Alley to help with – if you haven’t guessed by yet – Pulp Gaming, is going to be available from October the 1st and pre-orders for it begin on the 1st of September!

Statuesque Miniatures Go Sleuthing With Felicity Poppington

511 days ago 3

A character that is just around the corner for Statuesque Miniatures it the rather wonderfully named Professor Felicity Poppington. You can see the render work for her below, which is something they don’t normally preview at Statuesque…

Statuesque’s Mak O’Reilly & Gauge Come To Pulp Alley!

535 days ago Comments Off

Statuesque Miniatures have teamed up with Pulp Alley once again to bring you a fantastic pair of characters in the form of Mak O’Reilly and Gauge who come with a pair of character cards for use with the game if you so wish!

Statuesque Take You On A Pulp Adventure With New Golgo & Fang

590 days ago 4

Grab your guns, lock n’ load and then head out to take on the mastermind that is Dr. Fang before the mysterious Golgo Satana turns up!

Statuesque Miniatures Lets The Inmates Out Of The Asylum

734 days ago 4

Statuesque Miniatures brings some madness to the gaming world with these Female Frothing Loonies.

A Film Noir Couple & A Dark Doctor New From Statuesque!

799 days ago 2

Film noir and the creepy goings on from the midst of an asylum are the focus of another set of releases from Statuesque Miniatures.

A New Cop & Dame Join The Pulp World Of Statuesque

820 days ago 2

Statuesque Miniatures show off some more models for their Pulp Alley range. Do you think you’ll be on the side of the law with DA Denton or will you take on the criminal underworld as Red Queen?

Statuesque Miniatures Sneak A Peak At Some Female Loons!

835 days ago Comments Off

If you thought that the asylum had given up all its secrets to Statuesque Miniatures then you’re very much mistaken. Some Female Loons are on the horizon!

A Bear Slaying Dwarf Arrives From Statuesque Miniatures

863 days ago 1

Statuesque Miniatures have got another awesome model to add to their Fantasy line-up and this time it’s Birsi Bearsson, the Dwarf Berserker!

New Pulp Mini’s From Statuesque Miniatures & Pulp Alley

893 days ago Comments Off

If you love the Pulp genre, then the new mini’s by Statuesque Miniatures are right up your alley! Captain Wolf and Minerva are the perfect addition to your Pulp Alley game and are available for pre-order now.