Guns, Vets, & Berets From Statuesque Miniatures

December 19, 2013 by brennon

Statuesque Miniatures have a few more bitz for you to get stuck into over the Christmas period. They have put together a few packs that include heads and those all important guns.

Veteran Heads

Resistance Beret Heads

First up we have the heads and from top to bottom that’s the Veteran Heads and the Beret ones below. All of them have the same neat quality that we’ve come to expect from Statuesque and each has plenty of character looking almost like the work that we see from Infinity.

I like that they seem to essentially have gone with a very similar base face and then built onto it with the hair and other additions to make them individual. I kind of want to make an entire Imperial Guard regiment with these warrior women.

Resistance Weapons

Cell Weapons

What warrior would be complete without her weapons? Statuesque also have a selection of guns for both the Resistance and the Cell units out there and each looks very neat. I know that the models themselves are from some semi-modern world but I would love to take it the next step and Cyberpunk them all.

I reckon Statuesque would do brilliantly out of that style!

What do you think of their bitz?