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Train Your Pets With KLUKVA’s Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

4 days ago 0

Adding a Steampunk twist to a famous scientist isn’t a new thing but I don’t think I’ve seen Pavlov done yet!

Wolsung Boot Camp

Wolsung Boot Camp Tickets Now Available!

8 days ago 36

Tickets for the Wolsung Boot Camp alongside Micro Art Studio are now available to Backstagers!

The Neverborn Of Malifaux Have A Big Beastie On The Way

12 days ago 4

There’s nothing better than Malifaux Mondays, when we get a good look at new things in the works from Wyrd Games.

Meet Horace de Havilland For Demented’s Twisted

26 days ago 7

Coming to the Egyptian faction for Demented Games’ Twisted we have Horace de Havilland here who is looking rather splendid with his rifle and mechanical bird, poised to go hunting.

A Wyrd Lady Joins The Ranks For Malifaux’s Divergent Paths

33 days ago 4

Some interesting Wrydos are joining the steampunk world of Malifaux in the upcoming Divergent Paths book from Wyrd Games. The latest combines fame, and ill-famed in what’s sure to make for interesting gameplay as they switch things up.

Hit The High Seas With Dystopian War’s Republic Of Egypt Fleet

34 days ago 4

Making their way into the Mediterranean and then out towards the Atlantic we have the new Republic Of Egypt Naval Battle Group from the folks at Spartan Games for Dystopian Wars.

Wyrd Games Show Off A New Face (Or Two) For Malifaux

38 days ago 2

Check out the “Divergent Paths” image from Wyrd Games and see if you can guess which side he’s on for Malifaux.

Two New Smog Riders Have Joined The Scale75 Ranks

46 days ago 3

Whether you’re looking to add adorable minis to your collection, or you’re looking to fine tune your painting skills, Scale 75 has you covered with their Smog Riders line. This week 2 lovely ladies are added to the line!

Wyrd Opens Playtesting For Book Five For Malifaux On May 10th

46 days ago 2

Do you play Malifaux, by Wyrd Games? If so, then you could have the opportunity to participate in some limited playtesting for new models for Book Five, starting May 10th.

Infamy Miniatures Show Off The Gunfighter Wild Bill Hickock

47 days ago 5

Infamy Miniatures has shown off a rather impressive sculpt for you hobbyists and painters to get stuck into with their version of Wild Bill Hickock.

Demented Games Stacks A Couple Urkins For Their Playful Rozzer Sculpt

48 days ago 4

The storybook/steampunk world of Twisted is coming to life more and more each day. Have a look at this week’s whimsical addition to the Dickensians, the pair of Urkins known as, Rozzer.

Infamy Show Off Their Clanking Steampunk Quaker Bot

100 days ago 2

Infamy shows off a rather awesome Steampunk creation as they preview some render work on their Quaker Robot for use in your tabletop escapades.

Wyrdness In The VIG Swag Bags At Adepticon

103 days ago 6

Wyrd is adding to the VIG Swag at Adepticon again this year with another of their fantastic Mystery Boxes! If that wasn’t cool enough, VIG’s will also get an early look at the Neverborn’s Will O’ The Wisps.

Become A Wolsung Ambassador To Help Recruit New Players

144 days ago 3

Fans of the steampunk world of Wolsung are being called by Micro Art Studio to take up new careers as Ambassadors. Help spread knowledge and love for the game by becoming Ambassadors for organized play.

SMOG: The Rise Of Moloch Hits Kickstarter From CMON

158 days ago 2

CoolMiniOrNot is striking out onto Kickstarter as the new year gets into full swing with The World Of SMOG: Rise Of Moloch featuring some stunning looking steampunk miniatures and a weird and wonderful world.