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Demented Games Announce Winners Of Twisted Painting Competition


Fans of Twisted and painting enthusiasts had their moment to shine as Demented Games announced the winners of their Twisted Painting Competition. All of the entries were absolutely stunning!

Celebrate Fat Thursday With Micro Art & Their Limited Edition Doughnuteria!


Available ONLY for today, Micro Art Studio has produced an awesome terrain piece for your games of Wolsung inspired by Fat Thursday. Chow down at the Doughnuteria!

The Ninjing Battleship Shows The Pride of China in Dystopian Wars


It looks like China have their own major contribution to the Celestial Navy, as Warcradle preview the Ninjing Battleship for Dystopian Wars.

Sergeant Clark Reporting For Duty In Twisted From Demented Games


Demented Games is getting ready to release wave two of their incredible game, Twisted!

The Other Side’s Yarazi Offer Air Support For The Gibbering Horde


Wyrd has shown us that not all of the Gibbering Horde hail from the sea. Check out the fiesty, little Yarazi as Wyrd talks a bit about their play style in The Other Side.

Festive Paint From Studio Giraldez On Wyrd’s Winter Wonderland Crew


If you were lucky enough to order a Winter Wonderland Crew from Wyrd this year, you’ll be extra excited when you see the stunning pro-painted set from Studio Giraldez! That tree!

Funky Urkin Get Slashing On The Steampunk Streets Of Twisted


Demented Games recently went through the process of showing off how their Urkin Slashers came to life in Twisted over on their Facebook Page.

Wyrd Shows Off The Witchling Handler


Wyrd Games makes it awfully difficult to resist taking the plunge into their Malifaux based RPG, Through the Breach. This week, they tip their hand and tell us all about the Witchling Handler.

Let's Play: Wild West Exodus - Send a Message

Let’s Play: Wild West Exodus – Send A Message


Az playing The Order takes on
Chris from Warcradle as the Watchers.

Is An Executioner Above The Law? The Latest for Through The Breach


It would seem the Guild of Through The Breach are getting a new killing machine- a human one. The Executioner is a new advanced pursuit heading into the RPG world of Malifaux in Wyrd’s latest expansion, Above the Law.

Wyrd Oopsie Becomes Holiday Bonus In Winter Wonderland Box


In a Wyrd twist of fate (see what I did there?), they discovered an issue with the Alternate Rasputina sculpt for the Winter Wonderland box in the Black Friday sale. To make things right, Wyrd is adding another model to the box!

Demented Games Launches Online Twisted Painting Competition


Demented Games has announced a great way to get even more excited about the steampunk storybook world of Twisted. They’ve launched a painting competition that will run through the beginning of February, so show off your painting skills and win great Twisted prizes.

Malisaurus Rex Looms In Wyrd’s Latest Penny Dreadful One Shot


The latest Penny Dreadful One Shot for Wyrd Games’ Through the Breach RPG takes us into the Wildlands, in Jurassic Faux. The seems the elusive Malisaurus Rex is hungry…

Rasputina & Crew Get Festive For The Holidays In Malifaux


Looks like some of the Arcanists are getting a new look for the holidays! Check out the Alternate Rasputina box heading this way from Wyrd Games for their Black Friday sales!

See The Gentlefolk Blacksmith Come To Life For Demented’s Twisted


Demented Games have shared some of the work that went into the creation of the Gentlefolk Blacksmith, a fantastic model sculpted by Sebastian and based on the artwork by Peter and Macs Gallo.

Bad Things Happen With Wyrd’s New Malifaux Companion App


It’s never been easier to keep your Malifaux crews and stat cards organized. Wyrd Games has just launched their all new Malifaux Companion App for iOS and Android.

Infamy Launches A New Kickstarter For Collectable Minis


Infamy have launched a new Kickstarter to get the funds together to create a new range of larger scale sculpts aimed at collectors and painters.

Grab The Limited Run Of Jack’O Models From Demented Games


Demented Games have still got a limited supply of their Jack’O models available for you to pick up alongside rules which will allow you to use this spooky model in your games of Twisted.

Sometimes Even The Guild Allow Magic In Through The Breach


If you’re a fan of the Guild in Through the Breach, but have always been a bit jealous of the magic available in the other factions, then get ready to be excited.

Demented Games Launches Twisted Website & Shop


There’s never been a better time to jump into the steampunk/storybook world of Twisted. Demented Games has just made it easier than ever to get in on all the fun with the launch of their Twisted Website and Store.