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Fantastic Terrain Extras Added To Twisted Pledge Manager

9 days ago 3

The storybook, steampunk world of Twisted is about to become even more fancy with the addition of the latest terrain details from Demented Games and CNC Workshop. You can still add goodies to your pledge, or back it if you missed the Kickstarter on its initial run through their pledge manager page.

Micro Art Studio Shows Off New Terrain Sets For Wolsung At Essen

14 days ago 3

Micro Art Studio has revealed three new terrain sets for Wolsung that will be making their debut at Essen this weekend. If you’re heading to the show, you can be one of the first to get your hands on these great scatter sets.

Take The Transdimensional Express Throughout Malifaux

20 days ago 8

How does one get about in the steampunk world of Malifaux? By the Transdimensional Express of course!

Check Out Smog Riders’ Bumbling Fat Bob Mecha

20 days ago 2

If you’re looking for a fun project to work on and you’re interested in Steampunk then see what you make of Scale75′s “Fat Bob” Mecha which gives you plenty of reasons to check out new techniques.

Demented Games Shows Off New Twisted Art & Loads More

21 days ago 5

The fantastic storybook/steampunk world of Twisted continues to grow and change as the creative geniuses work away behind the scenes. A host of new art, tokens, templates and even a new logo have been spied from Demented Games.

October Means A Rotting Harvest Painting Contest From Wyrd

24 days ago Comments Off

October is here, and that means it’s time for another Rotten Harvest Painting Contest from Wyrd Games! There is of course, loads of Wyrd gift certificates on the line for prizes so why not have a go and do your worst – errrrr best?

New Malifaux Deployment Mats From Deep-Cut Studio

28 days ago 3

Now you can set the perfect scene for your Malifaux game with the added convenience of easily identifiable deployment zones with the new playmats from Deep-Cut Studio.

Weekender XLBS: Rusty Tanks Look Awesome & Do We Need More Alternative Models?

Weekender XLBS: Rusty Tanks Look Awesome & Do We Need More Alternative Models?

32 days ago 131

A Host Of New Characters Come To The Steampunk World Of Wolsung

35 days ago 6

Micro Art Studios have added a plethora of new models to their collection for the world of Wolsung. Characters from the Ash & Oak Club, Inventors, and Triad of the Lotus Dragon are joining the fight for Lyonesse.

A Pair Worth Their Metal Joins The Gentlefolk Of Twisted

36 days ago 12

If you love the metal aspect of steampunk, then you will adore the latest characters that have come to life through miniatures from Demented Games for Twisted. The Gentlefolk Sailor and the Gentlefolk Teacher have captured the storybook flavour of game perfectly and are now available in both metal and resin through the pledge manager.

A New Britannian Ship Sails Around Dystopian Wars’ Africa

42 days ago 7

A battle for Africa looks ready to kick off in Dystopian Wars and the Britannians are already sending out new ships to take the land for themselves.

A Midnight Heist - Wolsung Battle Report Triad VS Ven Rier

A Midnight Heist – Wolsung Battle Report Triad VS Ven Rier

51 days ago 14

Join us as we have a scuffle in
the Warehouse District of
Lyonesse in the world of Wolsung.
Who will get away with
the all important plans?

The Urkins & Co Join The Fray In Demented’s Twisted

61 days ago 5

Demented Games have put together a collection of their upcoming work going into the Urkins for their Steampunk game, Twisted. The little folk have now hit the sculpting table and were created by Lux Thantor.

Wyrd Games Announces Divergent Paths Global Campaign

61 days ago 2

The world of Malifaux is about to get even busier with the announcement of Wyrd Games’ new global campaign, Divergent Paths. In September, players will be able to participate in a huge campaign for one of the coolest steampunk games out there.

Multiverse Gaming’s Tombstone Range Has Hit Their Webstore

65 days ago 2

The wild west is about to get a makeover courtesy of Multiverse Gaming, as their Tombstone range has hit their webstore. Now you can add loads of fantastic new terrain to your table in 28-35mm scale buildings and scatter.