Guild of Harmony Gives you a Steampunk Spoonful of Sugar

June 27, 2012 by brennon

If you love Steampunk models then Guild of Harmony have quite a few on offer. They have previously done Tinker Belle and Dorothy in Victorian Steam-style as well as a plethora of other fantasy miniatures but here is Maria Poppets & Albert

Steampunk Maria Poppets and Albert

A nice twist on the story of Mary Poppins. Liking the technology going into that floating umbrella and of course the chimney cleaning device that Albert is using that could so easily be changed into some kind of weapon. I suppose really though this miniature has a lot more of a casual and relaxed feeling too it, making it a great display product after a good paint job.

Will you take your spoonful of sugar from Guild of Harmony?

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