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Viking Wounded Litter The Field From Steve Barber Models

488 days ago 2

Steve Barber Models have launched a rather spiffing webstore and with that some neat new models for embellishing your games set in the Dark Ages. Both the Wounded Vikings and Dead Vikings sets would be great for using in games of SAGA as objective markers and signs of brutal conflict…

Build A Stone Age Settlement With Steve Barber Models

731 days ago 5

Steve Barber have set up a Prehistoric Settlement and they’ve invited you to come back in time to check out their miniatures line for it!

New Vikings Raiders From Steve Barber Miniatures!

886 days ago 6

Head off on another raiding party quest with the Vikings of Steve Barber Models!

Steve Barber Fight The Greek War Of Independence

888 days ago 3

Steve Barber Models have a whole host of new metal miniatures coming your way to help you fight the Greek War of Independence!

Steve Barber’s 28mm Vikings Ready To Go Raiding!

1062 days ago 3

Delve into the world of the Dark Ages with the Salute releases from Steve Barber Models. Will you go raiding with their Vikings?

Steve Barber Models To Raid Salute 2014 With Vikings

1082 days ago 1

Will you be joining the Steve Barber Models raid as they bring some Vikings to Salute 2014?