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Stoessi’s Heroes Releases Three New US Airborne Legends


Stoessi’s Heroes has turned their attention to the US Airborne with their three newest releases.

Stoessi’s Heroes Drop In Some Fallschirmjäger


Stoessi’s Heroes continue to introduce us all too notable characters from World War II

Lead The Cole’s Charge With Stoessi’s Heroes New LtCol. Robert Cole


Stoessi’s Heroes Present US Airborne Lieutenant Colonel Robert George Cole

Weekender XLBS: BoW Christmas Wishlists; What's Hobby Santa Bringing You?

Weekender XLBS: BoW Christmas Wishlists; What’s Hobby Santa Bringing You?


New Fictional & Factual Stoessi’s Heroes Pop Up This Month


Some new characters have popped up from the folks at Stoessi’s Heroes, each with a World War II theme.

Meet New Stoessi’s Heroes For Your World War II Games


We’ve got some more of Stoessi’s Heroes for you to take a look at today, each of them proving that when it comes down to it fact can sometimes be more epic and fantastic than fiction.

New Stoessi’s Heroes Join The Fighting In World War II


Stoessi’s Heroes continue to bring us colourful characters from World War II with a new selection of releases from this month

Stoessi’s Heroes Add Some Character With New WW2 Personalities


Add some character to your WW2 28mm scale tabletops

Stoessi’s Heroes Show Off New Famous WWII Faces


The folks at Stoessi’s Heroes have shown off four new characters for you to throw into the mix when you’re creating your World War II armies.