Pop-Up Terrain By Stonehaven Miniatures? Yes, Please!

June 18, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

We all know that how much terrain adds to a tabletop. We also know how much space it takes up in our hobby rooms. Well, I found a pretty cool answer to both of these issues on Kickstarter right now!


The Pop-Up Miniature Terrain Kit by Stonehaven Miniatures has the answer to a couple of our gaming dilemmas! Remember the pop up children’s books from our youth? The same concept is applied to table top gaming here. This is paper terrain made out of 12 inch by 18 inch, 110lb cardstock. The kits come with the scenery and textures already printed on them as well as access to video instructions. The hobbiest just has to cut them out and glue them to a stiffer board of their choosing (foam board, matte board, etc) and you’re ready to play. The coolest thing about this is that you have 3 dimensional terrain to add richness to your gaming table with both portability and space saving storage! You fold it up and put it away! Just think of the extra space on your game shelves!


There are 5 different terrain pieces in the original starter goal: Graveyard, Ruins, Gazebo, Engineworks, and Outpost. A stretch goal has been met offering a Viking Village! Should the next stretch goal be met, they will offer a Fish Shack. (Not sure what I would use that for, but why not?)


There are options available to buy the preprinted terrain as well as print your own additional pieces.

Would you use this kind of terrain to enhance your gaming tables?