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A Helmed Warlord Joins The SAGA Hero Range From Stronghold

47 days ago 5

Stronghold Terrain has added another character to their collection for use as a SAGA Warlord. See what you think of the Famous Helmed Warlord sporting shield, sword and flowing cloak.

Stronghold’s New Outlaws Head To Dead Man’s Hand

87 days ago 1

Stronghold Terrain is expanding their Dead Man’s Hand collection once again with their ‘Famous Outlaws’ Gang which are coming to Crisis in two weeks time.

New Stronghold Characters Join The Wild West Of Dead Man’s Hand

98 days ago 4

Stronghold Terrain has added two more characters to their roster of characters for Dead Man’s Hand. Coming from different sides of the coin let’s take a look at them.

Stronghold Get Tired With New SAGA Fatigue Markers

125 days ago 8

Stronghold Terrain has been tinkering away on some non-invasive ways of showing your Fatigued units in games of SAGA. See what you think of their new Markers…

Stronghold Terrain’s Wild West Stars Arrive in Town

200 days ago 6

Stronghold Terrain have now added two Wild West Collectable Stars to their webstore for use within Dead Man’s Hand. Here we have Buddy and Nobody.

Stronghold Support Your Warriors With New SAGA Characters

225 days ago 10

Stronghold Terrain are continuing to grow their range of miniatures for both the Dark Ages and Crusading eras of SAGA.

Grab Goods & More To Raid With Stronghold Terrain

272 days ago 2

When you’re raiding a village with your warband you will need something to steal so see what you think of these Corn Sacks and Crates…

Stronghold Offering Special Dead Man’s Hand Figures

277 days ago 1

Stronghold Terrain are going to be offering a choice of miniatures with their orders for Dead Man’s Hand. One assumes this is just with the German version of the book but this could potentially lay the path for more Wild West miniatures by them down the pipeline…

A Pagan Priest Brings Bad Omens From Stronghold Terrain

297 days ago 2

Stronghold Terrain have a sneaky look ahead at what’s on the cards for their SAGA Collectibles Range. Here we have the Pagan Priest who some of you might recognise…

Stronghold Get Final Word On Upcoming Draugr For Tactica

330 days ago 1

Stronghold Terrain have got final word that there will indeed be some Draugr rising from the grave to fight against the men of the South at the Tactica event in Hamburg.

Stronghold Terrain Paint Up Their Lich & Skeletons

337 days ago 6

Stronghold Terrain have showed off painted versions of their upcoming Lich and Skeletons that might be available towards the end of this month. First up we have the Lich commanding his legions forward…

Stronghold Terrain Sculpt Up Some Undead & A Roaring Fireplace

354 days ago 1

Stronghold Terrain have been busy looking for more sculptors to add models to their range. The newest set of commissions come from Stefan Niehues-Ellermann who is working on this mounted and on-foot Lich plus some undead to go with him…

Ragnar’s Son Joins The Raiding Party From Stronghold Terrain

366 days ago 8

Ragnar’s Son has been added to the SAGA Collectibles range by Stronghold Terrain. See what you think of this hot headed Viking ready to prove himself on English soil against the Saxons or in Paris against the French…

Stronghold Terrain Gather Their New Shieldmaidens For A Raid

367 days ago 6

Stronghold Terrain have now added four new models to their Dark Age Miniatures collection. See what you think of their Shield Maidens who look very deadly indeed…

A Viking Shipbuilder & Charging Crusader Are New From Stronghold

449 days ago 10

Stronghold Terrain have added to their collection of miniatures for use in SAGA with not only a well known Shipbuilder for your Viking raiding party but also a charging Crusader Warlord who would work equally well as a Norman Knight too…