A Viking Shipbuilder & Charging Crusader Are New From Stronghold

October 30, 2015 by brennon

Stronghold Terrain have added to their collection of miniatures for use in SAGA with not only a well known Shipbuilder for your Viking raiding party but also a charging Crusader Warlord who would work equally well as a Norman Knight too…

Building Vessels Of The Gods

Kicking things off we have the Shipbuilder who looks like he’s going to be a rather cheeky chap on the tabletop. He comes with two dangerous looking axes, one of them more tool than actual weapon of war.

Shipbuilder #1

While he doesn’t look particularly dangerous I’m sure that he will be doing some plotting behind the scenes and he could make an interesting objective on the tabletop as well as just a Hearthguard in a bigger force.

Shipbuilder #2

I like his swaggering stance and they seem to have captured the ‘craziness’ of this character who may or may not be a bit familiar.

Charge! God Wills It!

Following on from him we have a more professional soldier with the Norman Warlord or Crusader who is seen thundering forward atop his steed with sword ready.

Norman Warlord #1

I really like this model and, while you don’t get the arrow in the shield, I think that’s a nice touch and is something I’d do to show his reckless charge into the midst of the enemy with foes all around him.

Norman Warlord #2

He will make for a really cinematic and engaging character on the tabletop I reckon. It’s nice that he is able to fit into both Crusader and Dark Age worlds too so you could collect a Norman force and use it for both almost.

What do you think?

"...while you don't get the arrow in the shield, I think that's a nice touch and is something I'd do to show his reckless charge into the midst of the enemy"