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Festive Paint From Studio Giraldez On Wyrd’s Winter Wonderland Crew


If you were lucky enough to order a Winter Wonderland Crew from Wyrd this year, you’ll be extra excited when you see the stunning pro-painted set from Studio Giraldez! That tree!

Is Angel Giraldez Adding A Third Volume To Painting Masterclass?


Angel Giraldez, one of the industry’s most well regarded professional painters, has already come out with two painting masterclass guides, but could we be in for a third?

Studio Giraldez Shows Off Stunning Painting On Luxumbra’s Morlock Girl


Studio Giraldez has more goodies for this week as they show off the amazing painting on the Luxumbra Morlock Girl which came to life during their Kickstarter campaign.

Angel Giraldez Paints Up Gen Con Exclusive For Infinity


The Gen Con Exclusive model has popped up from Studio Giraldez as he painted up the preview you see below. What do you make of the Infinity Spec Ops Grunt?

Angel Giraldez Masterclass Volume 2 Review

Angel Giraldez Masterclass Volume 2 Review


We’re sitting down to go through the awesome Masterclass Volume 2 guide by Angel Giraldez!


Weekender: Battle Systems Killer Sci-Fi Terrain & First Look At Awaken Realms’ The Edge


Join us for an awesome Weekender where we have plenty of competitions AND some great interviews for you too.

Angel Giraldez’ Painting Masterclass Volume 2 Now Available For Pre-Order


Studio Giraldez and Corvus Belli have joined forces once again as the new Painting Masterclass Volume 2 book becomes available for pre-order.

Angel Giraldez's Masterclass Volume 2 Pre-Orders Begin October 17th!

Angel Giraldez’s Masterclass Volume 2 Pre-Orders Begin October 17th!


New Harbinger Bases Added To Warsenal’s Infinity Range


Warsenal have added some new bases to their collection which would be perfect for those of you running Combined Army squads for Infinity.

Where To Find Angel Giraldez At Salute 2016


Angel Giraldez has put together a neat flyer showing off what he will be up to and where to find him when you come to Salute this weekend.

Weekender XLBS: Talking WWII Desert Warfare & Rebooting Games

Weekender XLBS: Talking WWII Desert Warfare & Rebooting Games


It’s time to get stuck into an easy weekend
of chat about all things tabletop
gaming with John, Justin and Ben.
No Warren this week!

Angel Giraldez Coming To Salute 2016


Angel Giraldez is going to be bringing his wonderful self to Salute 2016 this year in London. He will be demonstrating some of his techniques on the day with a series of workshops that you can come and observe…

Studio Giraldez Announces Master Classes For Adepticon 2016


Adepticon 2016 will be even more awesome with the news of Studio Giraldez’s presence. Angel Giraldez will be hosting his Master Classes from Adeption, which will offer yet another fantastic opportunity for convention attendees.

Weekender: Checking Out The Conan Board Game & Win A Copy!

Weekender LookBack: The Conan Episode!


Today we’re digging
out an older episode
that we thought was a
ton of fun to make.

Remember the Conan
pledge manager is open
and ANYONE can still get
in on this awesome game



Warsenal Support The USAriadna With Studio Giraldez Bases


Warsenal have joined forces with Studio Giraldez (Angel) to create a set of new bases for the USAriadna. Check them out with a very nice badlands look!


Check Out The Sleek PanO Akalis Sikh Commandos For Infinity


Angel Giraldez has put his masterful artistic talents to good use once again and painted up a rather superb looking PanO Akalis Sikh Commando for the world of Infinity.

Weekender Myth 2.0 and Checking Out New Batman Rulebook

Weekender: Myth 2.0 & Checking Out New Batman Rulebook!


We’ve got loads to discuss including
the progress on the Dropzone
Commander Boot Camp & the
Batman Rulebook!

Angel Giraldez Talks Reprints For His Masterclass Book!


Angel Giraldez has decided to reprint the book and give it a second run. If you missed out first time you might be able to have another try! See what Angel has to say within…

Angel Giraldez Masterclass Book

Angel Giraldez Masterclass Book Up For Pre-Order February 2nd!


Pre-orders for Angel Giraldez’s Masterclass Volume I: Painting Miniatures From A to Z using a bunch of Infinity miniatures will be going up for pre-order on February 2nd 2015! This is going to be a limited run and once it’s gone it’s gone so if you want one you better be quick…

A Weekend With Angel: How To Paint Infinity Kum Riders Part Three


In the final part of this Weekend with Angel tutorial on the Kum Riders from Infinity we’ll be taking a look at some more of the super-detailing and all the work that goes into the bases too!