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Studio Tomahawk Preview Aetius & Arthur SAGA Supplement

2 days ago 11

Studio Tomahawk has put together a preview for their upcoming supplement to SAGA called Aetius & Arthur where they’ll be heading back into the Arthurian period for some bloody battles.

New Campaign Supplement For SAGA On The Way!

11 days ago 6

Studio Tomahawk has released some information for a new campaign booklet for SAGA.

Ready New CONGO Boxed Sets For Expeditions By Wargames Foundry

70 days ago 22

Wargames Foundry have joined forces with Studio Tomahawk to supply wargamers with a number of different boxed sets for CONGO.

Studio Tomahawk Jump Into The Adventures Of CONGO

98 days ago 5

Studio Tomahawk have delved into the way you play games of CONGO, their new venture, on the tabletop. Filled with adventurous expeditions and more this looks like a game worth checking out in more detail…

Wargames Illustrated Talking Congo Soon

209 days ago 1

Wargames Illustrated have previewed a look at what’s coming soon in Issue 342 concerning Congo. They are going to be giving us a first look at the rules for Studio Tomahawk…

Fighting The French & Indian War On The Tabletop: New Blood & New Guns

221 days ago 3

Welcome back to our journey through the French & Indian War for a closer look at some of the key players and moments during this period as well as answering a few questions on the guns used during the period…

Fighting The French & Indian War On The Tabletop: Welcome To Muskets & Tomahawks

263 days ago 13

This time around in the French & Indian War series we’re going to be looking at Muskets & Tomahawks and learn more about building armies in the game and how it plays…

Fighting The French & Indian War On The Tabletop: The Bloody Pond & Using Cannons

270 days ago 10

We continue with our look at the French & Indian War as we follow up on the events of the Battle of the Monongahela and learn of The Bloody Pond and how cannons were used to great effect.

Fighting The French & Indian War On The Tabletop: The Battle Of The Monongahela

277 days ago 8

In this first instalment of the new year on Fighting The French & Indian War we’re taken through the particulars of The Battle Of The Monongahela. See how the battle was fought within…

Fighting The French & Indian War On The Tabletop: Part Two – Defending Fort Necessity

Fighting The French & Indian War On The Tabletop: Part Two – Defending Fort Necessity

312 days ago 12

Fighting The French & Indian War On The Tabletop: Part One – The Conflict Builds

319 days ago 25

Community member elessar2590 begins a new article series looking at the French & Indian War starting off with a bit of the background on the origins on the conflict and a run down of the people involved…

Studio Tomahawk Visit Wargames Illustrated Showing Off Congo

380 days ago 2

Studio Tomahawk have visited the Wargames Illustrated crew and they showed off how to play their upcoming game, Congo. While it’s neat to see it’s coming along nicely it was great to see some more of the components for the game which look very fun…

Weekender XLBS: The Ben-isode – Lord of the Rings, Age Of Sigmar & More

482 days ago 146

We’re here with an early morning surprise XLBS! So, with that in mind – Happy Sunday! Warning we do touch on a topic of a more adult nature during this (Aspects of Game of Thrones), that may be less suitable for younger viewers.

Ponder On The Scenarios For Studio Tomahawk’s Congo

561 days ago 4

See what the world of Congo might have for you as a tabletop wargamer with some new previews from Studio Tomahawk of what kind of situations you might find yourself in.

Head Into The Heart Of Darkness With Studio Tomahawk’s Congo

567 days ago 10

Head right into the Heart of Darkness with an fantastic sounding new game coming out of Studio Tomahawk called Congo.