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Weekender: Warlord's Battle Plans & The Stygmata RPG Kickstarter

Weekender: Warlord’s Battle Plans & The Stygmata RPG Kickstarter

655 days ago 233

Join us for The Weekender where
we have some fantastic
terrain to show off,
an interview with
John Stallard AND
a big EDEN prize!

Nabam Joins The Cast Of Characters For Eden & Stygmata

658 days ago 1

A new character has joined the world of Stygmata and Eden from Happy Games Factory. Nabam will be added to certain pledge options and comes with his rules and statistics to fit into both the role-playing game and the tabletop skirmish game too…

Eden’s Stygmata Campaign Unlocks Miniatures For RPG

664 days ago 2

The Eden team have unlocked the resin miniatures for their Stygmata Kickstarter campaign which forms the beginning of the role-playing tales present within this post-apocalyptic world…

Unlock The Secrets Of Stygmata For The World Of Eden On Kickstarter

665 days ago 1

The folks behind the post-apocalyptic world of Eden at Happy Game Factory are on Kickstarter right now looking for funding for their new project, Stygmata. They are focusing on getting the starter set for their role-playing game set in this ruined world…