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Dante's Angels Take Over Eden For Taban Miniatures

Dante’s Angels Take Over Eden For Taban Miniatures


Taban Miniatures have been showing off
some miniatures for Dante’s Angel in
the world of Eden including some
painted awesomeness and the
statistic cards for each of them.

The Next Wave of Eden is Ready to Scuttle Out of Taban


Eden is well known for its bizarre and disturbing, yet excellently sculpted, take on the post-apocalypse genre. Now Taban Miniatures are bringing out a bunch more minis to take on the terror of this world.

Things Degenerate Fast in the World of Eden


A pair of horrific Degenerates are stumbling out of Taban Miniatures and into the world of Eden.

A Nephilim Warrior Launches the Attack on Eden


Taban Miniatures have unveiled the latest of the menacing Nephilim faction to enter the world of Eden, a vicious Nephilim Warrior.

Taban Miniatures Clown Around with a February Figure


A new member of the Jokers Clan is making his merry way into Taban Miniatures’ sci-fi game Eden. It’s time to play with fire with Oleg.

The Plastic Minis for the Eden Board Game Escape Taban


You might remember that Taban Miniatures recently ran a Kickstarter to fun a new Eden based board game called Escape. Now we finally get to see some of the actual plastic models which will be appearing in the game.

The Nephilim Arrive in Eden in Time for Christmas


Taban Miniatures have released the latest faction for the game of Eden in their webstore, allowing you to bring the alien Nephilim into the battle.

Creepy Creatures & Katana Wielding Women For Taban’s Eden


Will you be siding with the creepy creatures or the valiant survivors in the world of Eden?

Eden’s Latest Mini Has Got Balls


Taban Miniatures are starting to unveil their new November miniatures for the game of Eden, which will include a new Matriarchy Slave who… well let’s just say they have a lot of balls.

A New Miniature Saddles Up and Rides Out into Eden


In a post-apocalyptic world the best way to get around has to be the horse (in our world too if petrol prices keep going up). So now players of the Convoy will be able to ride across Eden on a mighty steed with their latest member, Niklaus.

Taban Miniatures Reveal Their Deadly Black Kunoichi


Will you be running from, or paying for, the Black Kunoichi from Taban Miniatures for Eden?

Taban Miniatures Add More Survivors To The World Of Eden


What do you make of Eden and these new models coming out during September?

In Escape Who Ya Gunna Call?


Well I was checking out the Escape Kickstarter after the appearance of the Puppet Master and a piece of concept art for a future stretch goal caught my beady little eye. When facing drones who are ya gunna call?

Taban Pull the Strings of Their New Puppet Master for Escape


There are only four days left for the Kickstarter which Taban Miniatures set up to fund their board game Escape and with us nearing the end we get to see one of the coolest miniatures from the world of Eden ever! The Puppet Master.

Spend June Escaping the Latest Releases of Eden


Taban Miniatures may be busy with Escape, but they are not neglecting the main game of Eden as June is seeing a bunch of new for the different factions battling over the post-apocalyptic world.

Meet Escape’s Resistance on YouTube


The world of Eden and Escape is very character driven, focusing around the individuals who live in this harsh landscape. Now Taban have started a series of videos giving us the background on the members of Escape’s Resistance.

Taban Take You Through the Basics of Escape


The Kickstarter for Taban’s board game Escape has already managed to reach its funding goal and to entice us in even further they have put out the first in what they have said will be a series of gameplay videos.

You Cannot Escape Taban’s Kickstarter


Today the much anticipated Kickstarter for Taban’s new board game Escape went live, bringing with it all the horrors of Eden and the chance to get your hands on some of them.

Just What Is Escaping From Taban?


As some of you may know Taban Miniatures will soon be brining out a new board game set in the world of their game Eden, but now we get our first glimpse at what will be inside the box for Escape.

Escape Taban's Eden in a New Board Game

Escape Taban’s Eden in a New Board Game


Taban have just made the exciting announcement that a new board game set in their world of Eden is in the works! Get ready to Escape!