Table Forged Hit Kickstarter With Samurai Themed Reflex Game, Kettou

May 18, 2016 by stvitusdancern

Table Forged the creative minds behind Iron & Ale Dwarven Drinking Card Game at back on Kickstarter with their revamped campaign for Kettou (duel in Japanese) Samurai Themed Reflex & Strategy Card Game.

Like their other card game Iron & Ale, you just don’t sit around a table and throw down some cards, you are getting physical and instead of a Dwarven Kiss (Slap to the face) you now try to be the fastest to grab a body hit location as it is called out by a separate reader with a deck of body location cards.

What if you don’t have a third player? Fear not, they have included a soundtrack of 24 tracks that came be used instead.

These tracks are all recorded by a native Japanese speaker. I listened to the sample tracks and they do sound good, but my only concern is understanding what he is saying in relation to what card. It might take a few rounds of the games to get it down.

If you like Samurai themed anything (like me) or like card games you should jump over to their Kickstarter page and check the game out for yourself. This could be an interesting game when everyone has had a few cocktails.

Check out the video explanation above to get a better look into how the game plays.

Are you  tough enough to face a Samurai?

"Like their other card game Iron & Ale, you just don't sit around a table and throw down some cards..."

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