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Hunker Down Behind Tabletop Art’s Sandbags & Barricades

33 days ago 2

Tabletop Art has some new terrain pieces for you to check out. Whilst Sandbags and Barricades are ten a penny they are something you might forget when looking at picking up terrain for your tabletop.

Knock Some Fantasy Football Heads Together With Tabletop Art

50 days ago 0

Tabletop-Art has added some new Fantasy Football head options to their webstore for those looking to spice things up on their models

Tabletop Art Fashion Obelisks Of An Ancient Race

153 days ago 2

Tabletop Art has been showing off both the glory of an ancient race and it’s fall with some new Obelisks. You can snap up the Ancestral Ruins Obelisks and some Destroyed versions of them too…

Stroll Across A Dirty Old Town On Tabletop Art’s New Bases

161 days ago 1

Tabletop Art have released a new set of 25mm round bases taking your miniatures to a Dirty Old Town.

Hunker Down Behind Your Norman Shields From Tabletop Art

162 days ago 3

Tabletop Art has added some more shield options to their store with these new Norman Kite Shields popping up for your warriors in 28mm scale.

Choose Your Coffin With Tabletop-Art’s New Terrain Set

247 days ago 4

Tabletop-Art has put together another neat little set of accessories and while somewhat morbid I think these would be useful if you’re putting together a neat Wild West scenario. Those duellists can pick out their Coffins ahead of time…

Join The Shieldwall With New Viking Shields From Tabletop-Art

259 days ago 6

Tabletop-Art appears to be on the ball when it comes to their bits and pieces for the tabletop as they show off their Viking Shields for your Dark Age warband…

Battle Through The Ruins Of Sanctuary On New Tabletop-Art Bases

383 days ago 2

Tabletop-Art have put together two new base sets for their Ruins Of Sanctuary range. Both 32mm and 40mm bases are now available.

Tabletop Art Litter The Table With Runic Stones & Oil Barrels

485 days ago 4

Tabletop Art have a few new terrain accessories for you to shape your tabletop, whether you want it to look like a a Nordic place of worship, or an industrial accident waiting to happen.

Enter The Trenches With New Bases From Tabletop-Art

489 days ago 1

Tabletop-Art have some superb looking new bases allowing you to ground your miniatures in the mud and blood of Trench Warfare. See what you think of these…

Embrace The Machine With Tabletop-Art’s Biomechanic Heads

581 days ago 2

If you’re looking to give your Imperial Guard the look of the Forge World or maybe you just like the cold digital embrace of the Borg these Biomechanic Heads from Tabletop-Art look like they could be a neat addition to your bitz box.

Light Up Your Foggy Streets With Tabletop-Art Lanterns

592 days ago 8

Tabletop-Art have shown off some new pieces of terrain which can be used to shed a little bit of light on proceedings. Here we have both the Small Lanterns and Small Street Lanterns which could be used in a whole range of different games.

Hide Behind Tabletop-Art’s Stack Of Crates

711 days ago 1

This mighty seem like a pretty basic addition to your tabletop terrain but Crates are always going to be helpful in a whole range of Historical and Fantasy settings and now Tabletop-Art sell a big bunch of them…

Tabletop-Art Open A Window On Your Terrain

727 days ago 3

Tabletop Art have come out with some new sets of doors and windows that will help to turn terrain structures from featureless boxes into proper buildings.

Tread Ancient Paths With New Cobblestone Bases By Tabletop-Art

743 days ago 2

Tabletop-Art have two new sets of Cobblestone Bases for you which come in both 30mm and 40mm flavours. The style is that of cracked paving stones more than cobblestones but would be perfect for an urban environment…