Tabletop-Art Base The World Of Schicksalspfade

July 21, 2014 by brennon

Tabletop-Art have got a massive selection of bases and objective markers for the German game, Schicksalspfade. See what you think of them below and consider a few other uses for them alongside said game too!

Paved Bases

Rock Bases

Sand Bases

Wooden Bases

First up we have these very cool hexagonal bases. I can’t see them being much use for games outside of Schicksalspeade but they would be useful for basing role-playing miniatures actually. I quite like how all of these have turned out and despite some of the other more detailed bases I think the basic wooden floorboard ones are the best. I love the grain on the wood and it would be easy to make pop under your miniatures’ feet.

Wooden Doors

Round Manhole Bases/Markers

Following on from the bases we have some markers for the game. The first set is for a selection of doors in the game. You could of course use them for that or cut them off the stone or modify them in some way to fix to buildings of your choice. You can do the same with those awesome manhole covers that work as objective markers or round bases for your miniatures!

Quite a nice selection! Do you play Schicksalspeade?