Infinity: Campaign Paradiso Tabletop Nation Event – Part 3

October 27, 2012 by brennon

The second round of games is where things really got complicated! With a time limit on the games of four turns and some interesting objectives to complete, the factions had to collect data and then triangulate the signal while avoiding being shot to pieces!

Learning the Scenario

The Board Set Up

As you can see some boards had a lot less cover than others, and this forced the players to work out a new way of getting to the objectives safely. This twined with the fact they didn’t know exactly what order they would need to reach each objective meant that it was a tricky scenario indeed. I saw many hackers running from one end of the board to the other avoiding heavy gunfire in clouds of smoke!

A Nice Snipers Nest

Guarding the Objective

An Unfortunate Explosion

One unfortunate moment happened when two mines went off at once utterly devastating this players grouped up infantry. It was a moment of both glee and sadness! It was fun to see the different ways players were tackling the scenario and the ups and downs of Infinity. There was even an ‘Indiana Jones’ style moment where a Highlander went berserk before being put down easily by his unwavering opponent.

More Beautiful Models

Combine Force Holds the Bridge

And here are some of the other models painted by participants. I particularly liked this ice themed set. After speaking with the guy behind them he went on to tell me he plans to mix things up by making each of the ice crystals out of a clear material to make them look even better.

It has been a long, but fantastic day here watching these games of Infinity. Just one more set of games to go!

What do you think of some of the models we’ve been showing off?