The Weekender: Tabletop Day & Warren’s New Baby!!!

March 9, 2013 by dignity

The Weekender is back!!!  In this show we chat about all things wargaming, the cool tabletop event being arranged by Geek and Sundry and Warren’s new baby boy, among all the other great news from our hobby.

The Weekender: Tabletop Day & Warren's New Baby!!!

So here are the links to all this week’s gaming goodness:

DUST Warfare Flying Supplement

Call to Arms: Star Fleet Ships

Martian Tripods – All Quiet on the Martian Front

Anima Tactics Previews

Malifaux New Releases

Kukulkani Released For Dark Age

Ammon Miniatures Limited Edition Figures

Ax Faction’s New Dungeon Delver

Knight Models DC Releases

Reaper Miniatures Releases For March

International Tabletop Day:

Get your Tickets today:

International Tabletop Day forum comming soon!!!

And if you can’t get enough then here are the links to the forum topics we chated about in the show: